Airgo has a long history that can be traced back to 1968, when Les Erb merged his company (Sparta Aviation) with Airgo, Inc. The Airgo named stayed and the journey began. Airgo, at one point in history, provided fixed base operation (FBO) services at four airports; was a leading dealership for new Cessnas in the 70's and 80's; continues to provide FAR 135 Charter Services throughout the US; trains pilots through the GI Bill; and manages a thriving International FAR 141 flight school. 

       Today, Airgo's main office and fixed base operation continue to be proudly located in Centralia,Illinois. We specialize in Professional Flight Training from Sport Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot (ATP), aircraft sales and service, and all related FBO services. We have survived the cyclical nature of aviation business for over 42 years and look forward to the challenges ahead. While not the largest FBO/Flight School in the US, we have developed a world wide reputation for getting the job done. Bigger isn't always better and we can prove it. We have trained pilots and sold aircraft (literally) around the globe. 
       We have an experienced staff that is eager to meet your aviation needs 24-hours-a-day 7-days-a-week. Give us a chance to show you why we have remained a leader in Professional Flight Training.

       It was purchased from Mr. Les Erb on June 27, 2015. Signed contract with CSA for long-term cooperation training plan in 2013, and has just now recently renewed the contract for another three years.